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Pebble teases 'something special' for CES

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jan 2014 05:34 pm

The folks at Pebble look like they are more than ready to roll at CES, today teasing that there is "something special" to come next week. They'll be firing up a live stream from Las Vegas next Monday at 2p ET / 11p PT as Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky reveals their latest announcement. 

We're not quite sure just what Pebble has in store, but with the announcement of their upcoming app store already out in the open and the recent Pebble price drops, we can hope that perhaps Pebble has a brand new device to unveil to the masses. 

We got an extensive look at the inner workings of Pebble and needless to say we're all big fans, so we'll see just what great stuff they have to offer next week when we hit the show floor at CES. 

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Reader comments

Pebble teases 'something special' for CES


I hope it's a Pebble 2 or something along those lines. I'm ready to buy my first smart watch right now, but wanted to wait and see what happened at CES first.

I doubt it's new hardware. They're a much smaller "start-up" that probably can't mass produce something new every year. They've also been clear that their focus is currently on software, not hardware. I'm sure this announcement will just be software related.

My thought too at first, but they have been clearing inventory pretty good the last couple of months. Cyber Monday and Christmas sales.... they gave away 4,000 units to students... could be clearing out some inventory to get ready for the next gen. 

Guess we won't have to wait long to find out. Definitely feels like it will be a "Smartwatch CES"... so glad they're announcing SOMETHING and will be part of those headlines. 

I agree about this being a "Smartwatch CES". I think 2014 will be the first big year for them, but as far as Pebble moving a lot of devices lately, I'm still convinced it's just related to new software. More devices on wrists just helps to advance software. Regardless, it'll be an exciting year - iWatch, next Galaxy Gear and a lot of other companies pushing the envelop (Sony, LG, etc.).

I seem to remember reading that pebble was going to be focusing on the software side of things before venturing back into the hardware side of things?

I think they may be announcing a tie up with a brand name company for an exclusive pebble product to launch around April 2014.

That's exactly what I was thinking! They announced the Mercedes-Benz partnership a few days ago, and I'm wondering if they're going to drop more news like that. That'd be good, since big-name partnerships are a good way to entrench themselves if they want to compete with the big boys once Samsung and Apple really get rolling with wearables.

Based on some of the comments made in the video you guys did with Pebble it seemed they were content with the hardware for now. Just like Spencer above, I just got one so hopefully no new hardware yet. :-)

My $ is on New hardwear. Which is great because I'm about to get the 1st generation Pebble and if a new one is released then that might drive the 1st Gen pricing down just a little more. :-)

Hopefully, its new hardware and software. I've been waiting to buy so I'm interested in seeing what they announce.