Pebble Time teardown reveals a tiny battery along with very few components

Pebble Time gets iFixit teardown treatment
By Jared DiPane on 28 May 2015 09:17 am

The folks at iFixit have taken the time to dissect the brand new Pebble Time, giving us a glimpse of what the company packed inside the device that is just starting to ship. What iFixit found once they got the device completely apart is that it is actually quite easy to repair on your own. Pebble has opted to not fuse the e-paper display to the front glass, making both parts easy to replace without needing to try and separate them. Additionally they have used standard #00 screws inside, so if you happen to lose one when taking it apart, you can grab another.

One rather interesting thing is just how small the battery is inside this unit. The Pebble Time packs a 150mAh battery, which offers multiple day life out of a single charge. Check out the Pebble Time in all its raw component glory at the link below.


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Pebble Time teardown reveals a tiny battery along with very few components


I didn't click on the link, but does iFixit estimate how much the physical components cost? I know the Pebble Time has come under scrutiny on the initial reviews for costing $200. I wanted to know if the physical components have a total estimated value?

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is connectedly going to make any sort of comment about how all pebble apps are apparently in apple app store limbo?