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Pebtris brings some retro fun right to your wrist

By Jared DiPane on 14 Mar 2014 10:11 am

If you thought that your Pebble couldn't get any better, prepare for some fun — throwback style. Pebtris for Pebble is a new free game that is sure to bring you back in time to the good old days. Tetris was a huge part of many of our pasts and now with a free download you can play it on the go, right from your wrist. 

Controlling the game is extremely easy, and once in the routine of pressing the correct buttons to move the way you want things to go, hours can be spent playing before you even realize it. The up key will move the pieces to the left, down will move them to the right, and pressing select will rotate the pieces. To drop the piece down to the bottom once you have it in the correct spot, simply press and hold the down button and holding select will pause the game. If you wish to reset the game quickly all that has to be done is press and hold the up button, and then the screen will clear out.

If you are looking to bring some good old-fashioned Tetris fun to your wrist, Pebtris is definitely the app you will want. It's is available as a free download through the Pebble appstore, so get in there and search it up!

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Pebtris brings some retro fun right to your wrist


Throwback style? LOL Tetris was one of the first games that I downloaded on my BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry phone and iPad. It will be nice to have it on my Pebble Steel (whenever it ships) too. I can't get enough of stacking Tetris bricks :)