Philips Ambilight TVs and Hue getting cosy for 2014

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By Richard Devine on 26 Apr 2014 05:35 am

During the Philips presentation at the IFA Global Press Conference in Belek, Turkey, the focus was on its Android powered TV sets. But also getting a mention was Hue, Philips' popular smart lighting system, and some pretty nifty integration with its Ambilight TVs. With one special mention for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer.

Using the Philips Ambilight TV application you're able to "wave your flag" by setting up your nations colors before the match so you can have your own personalized – and colorful – light show when your team scores.

Hue is also there to help create an immersive gaming environment, but perhaps most interesting is that selected 2014 Philips Ambilight TVs have built in Hue control. No mobile device is required to control it, so while it becomes part of your current home setup it can be controlled independently via the TV itself.

So, with all this potential, what would you do with your own ideal Hue setup at home?

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Philips Ambilight TVs and Hue getting cosy for 2014


Awesome. Kinda weird - Philips has never been on the list of tvs I would consider buying (in the past), but this kind of functionality I love. Already have a bunch of hue lights... would rock if tv shows started controlling them.

I know what I would be doing with the Hue. My favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks so during the game it would be a nice green hue around my "Man Cave." During shootouts or overtime it would be a red hue. An finally, after the game when all the commentators talk about upcoming games and the game itself, I call this "Chill Time", it would be a blue hue.