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Philips bringing hue lightbulbs to 'Works with Nest' program

Works with Nest bringing Philips' hue to connected device lineup
By Joseph Keller on 11 Jul 2014 02:46 pm

Philips is working with Nest to integrate the hue lightbulbs with Nest's smart thermostat. This is part of Google's new "Works with Nest" smart home developer program. The integration apparently builds on the exisiting integrations with connection service IFTTT.

"Works with Nest" was originally introduced last month. It's a developer program that lets third-party devices and services connect with Nest's smart thermostat and Protect smoke detector.

Philips is investigating a number integrations with Nest. They are, for instance, looking into how color temperature impacts the perception of physical temperature in a room as a way to cut down costs on heating and cooling. Currently, building on the IFTTT integration is an intermediate step, eventually moving towards more direct integration.

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Source: SlashGear

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Philips bringing hue lightbulbs to 'Works with Nest' program

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Sounds like a good idea. Maybe the folds at Philips can teach the Nest folks how to use Geolocation to let the nest know when someone is at home instead of using a physical presence.