Philips installs its Hue Connected tech inside new expensive light fixtures

Philips Hue Beyond
By Rich Edmonds on 2 Sep 2014 07:14 am

Philips Hue Connected bulbs are expensive little pieces of technology, but contain the power to transform your home into an advanced humble abode. The company is now looking to take its bulb tech and install it in hard-wired light fixtures. Prices for the Hue Beyond range start at £299 ($500) for a table lamp (with no Connectivity Hub included), so be prepared to fork out some serious funding to kit your house out with the new Philips Hue products.

A slight issue with the fixtures is there's no way to remove or install replacement Hue Connected bulbs, this is due to the LED lighting being integrated into the products themselves. Philips notes that the lights should last 15,000 hours (or 15 years) before owners will notice dimming or failing fixtures, but even then it's knowing one can't simply replace a bulb without having to spend a further £300 on replacing the entire unit.

That said, the neat feature of these new fixtures from Philips is the ability to control two sets of LED lights separately. Each fixture has two banks of LEDs, one in the top shade and another in the bottom, both can be controlled independently through supported smartphone apps. Owners would be able to program each bank of lighting to perform a different action or use a unique color.

The new fixtures from Philips will go on sale this month in the UK from Selfridges and other participating stores. The US and rest of the world will receive the Hue Beyond portfolio sometime in the future.

Source: CNET

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Philips installs its Hue Connected tech inside new expensive light fixtures