Philips unveils new family of Android-powered 4K TVs with ambient lighting

Philips TV IFA 2014
By Rich Edmonds on 4 Sep 2014 07:21 am

Philips has unveiled a new family of 4K Ultra High Definition LED televisions at IFA in Berlin, covering a variety of budgets to help drive 4K TV penetration. Each set comes with Ambilight (Philips' LED ambient lighting) to help provide a more visually engaging experience for viewers, and everything is powered by Android. The company expects to be launch the new 4K TVs later this year.

The Philips 9100 range is the highlight of the company's 4K offering, boasting four-sided Ambilight, a bundled wireless sub-woofer and a super-powerful viewing experience. The 7900 group of TVs on-the-other-hand contains the more affordable models, but they still support 4K output and Philip's Pixel Precise Ultra HD picture engine, which will up-scale sources to 4K, as well as 600Hz PMR Ultra response technology for better playback when playing games or watching live sport.

There's also the Philips 8900 series, sitting comfortably in the mid-range with 55-inches of screen and even some curves to boot. To make everything fit perfectly into place for consumers, the 8900 series TVs have three-sided Ambilight. As noted above, all models across the range will all be available in the third quarter of this year and will launch in the UK, Europe and Russia.

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Philips unveils new family of Android-powered 4K TVs with ambient lighting