Lost in translation? Not anymore!

Pilot is the world's first smart earpiece. This crowdfunding campaign will provide you with the ability to understand many languages, even if you don't speak them, during your travels.

Can you hear me now?

Like many great stories, the tale of the Pilot is a love story. Long before the Indegogo campaign launched, Pilot's founder Andrew met a French girl who he liked but couldn't easily communicate with. From this the idea of an earpiece that could could translate speech from one language to another was born.


Pilot White


Pilot earpiece can hear, translate, and speak many languages right into your own ear.

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The earpieces can be programmed and set up using the Pilot app. This will allow you to toggle between several languages. When the first units begin shipping in about a year, the Pilot is expected to launch with English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese translation capabilities. Additional languages will be available to download, broadening the capabilities of the Pilot.