Pioneer shows off their slick CarPlay integration for aftermarket car stereos

Pioneer shows off their slick CarPlay integration for aftermarket car stereos
By Rich Edmonds on 16 May 2014 09:32 am

Pioneer has demoed Apple CarPlay integration with its NEX dash systems as we draw closer to the final iteration of the experience. It's simple to get started: you just plug in an iPhone and the software opens automatically and takes over the car's display with CarPlay Pioneer will be loading Apple's in-car suite to both new and current hardware already available on the market.

Once the iPhone is connected to the dash system, CarPlay makes it possible to access contacts, multimedia and other data stored on the smartphone through the car display – it's worth noting that CarPlay only works with the iPhone 5 or higher, running at least iOS 7.1. While not everyone has enough cash hidden away in the home for a brand new Mercedes-Benz just to try out CarPlay, Pioneer's NEX aftermarket systems will be a viable option.

The AVH-8000NEX, which was demonstrated with CarPlay, has a capacitive touch screen, making the experience seamless once the iPhone was plugged in. The display also showed a home button – similar to that on the iPhone – as well as Siri integration, just in case you required yet more functionality. The personal assistant would be able to read or send an SMS message to a contact, or even place a voice call.

As well as the 8000NEX above, the following Pioneer aftermarket solutions will also be updated for CarPlay:

Pioneer has said that CarPlay will be tweaked so Siri will be able to acclimate to the sound of the vehicle it is operating within, blocking out sounds from the engine, air conditioner and other systems. Sounds good? Expect to see the update go live "early summer". Those of you that aren't yet in the market for a new car, does something like this Pioneer system appeal to you?

Source: MacWorld

Reader comments

Pioneer shows off their slick CarPlay integration for aftermarket car stereos


Any pricing yet? This is probably the best tech news this week! Specially for those of us who bought a new vehicle last year and are basically on the verge of this functionality rolling out...

Very cool but I want to know when the support for android is going to be available! If more people have android than I phones, why is iPhone versions frequently the ones released first?

I feel as well that it is great bit why only iPhone. They have to open up to all smartphones be it android, blackberry, iphone. This only will limit who will purchase it.

Anyone have any idea if an iPad would work with this? I have an Andriod phone, but also an iPad and wondering about the compatability.

The Android version is not ready yet, because Google is quite late with their version of CarPlay. If you have Android or Windows Phone 8.1 you might want to consider getting a MirrorLink enabled smartphone and Headunit.