Your pet will have a ball!

Miss your dog while on vacation? Wonder what your cat is up to while you're at work? Show your four-legged friend you're thinking of them, even if you're not around, with PlayDate; a connected toy for your pet.

Connect with your pet

You'll never have to worry about your pet being lonely again! PlayDate has launched an Indiegogo campaign and already surpassed their funding goal for their first connected pet product. PlayDate is the ultimate solution for keeping your pet entertained no matter where you are in the world. This smart toy features a high definition, wide-angle camera, encapsulated inside of a ball. The toy is controlled through an app on your smartphone so whenever you're feeling lonesome and want a little smile, you and your pet can enjoy some quality play time.


PlayDate: the smart toy for your pet!

$249.00 (expected retail price)

PlayDate is the smart toy for your pet! Play games with your cat or dog through this camera-enabled ball and interact with your furry friend from anywhere!

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PlayDate was designed so you can talk to your pet through the toy. Even when you're not home, your dog or cat will hear your voice and know it's time to play as you control the ball through a fun chase across the kitchen, into the living room, and all around your house. Best of all, you can snap photos through the app of your pet at play. This cool Indiegogo project will keep pets and their owners entertained, even when they're not together.