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PlayStation Now coming to Samsung Smart TVs in 2015

PlayStation Now
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 24 Dec 2014 04:53 am

Sony has announced that it will be collaborating with fellow TV manufacturer Samsung in launching the PlayStation Now streaming service on Samsung's 2015 Smart TV lineup. The partnership will allow customers buying a Samsung Smart TV to play PlayStation 3 titles streamed directly from the cloud.

The service will be delivered through an app on Samsung's Smart Hub. Once installed, users can choose from over 200 titles ranging across genres. The games will be playable through a DualShock 4 controller (which will be sold separately). Sony has mentioned that the PlayStation Now service on Samsung Smart TVs will be a native experience, and that customers will be able to earn in-game trophies, play games online with friends, and save game progress in the cloud.

While the addition of the service is great news for customers looking to buy a Samsung Smart TV, it is not yet known as to when Sony would start offering Playstation Now on its own range of TVs. It was rumored earlier this year that the feature would be rolling out to Sony's TVs sometime next year.

As for Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer will be showcasing PlayStation Now functionality on its TVs at CES 2015 next month.

Source: Sony

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PlayStation Now coming to Samsung Smart TVs in 2015