Bring Back Backpacks

This is the backpack you should have had as a kid, but would've completely ignored since it didn't feature your favorite cartoon character. Now that you're an adult, it's time to find a bag that can conveniently carry and organize everything you need for the day. The Valetta by P.MAI is the ultimate carry-all pack for grown-up tastes.

A spot for everything

Design, not just style, makes this an attractive bag. The lined, interior compartment keeps your laptop or tablet separated from your extra pair of shoes or other belongings in the roomy cargo pocket. An interior water bottle holder means you don't have anything bulky strapped to the outside of your bag. Airy mesh-padded straps help cool your skin in the areas supporting the backpack's weight. And small feet at on the bottom of the backpack prevent your bag from tipping over when placed on the ground, making it easy to load up or sort through. An additional matching wristlet can organize small belongings you might otherwise keep in your purse.

P.MAI Valetta Backpack & Wristlet in Black

The Valletta can be purchased with matching wristlet.


P.MAI has designed a backpack for urban professional that is elegant but durable for whatever conditions your workday throws at you.

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Made from premium, treated leather and water-repellant nylon, the outside of the bag looks elegant, but is tough enough for everyday use. The inside is lined with microfiber poly so it is gentle on your belongings. Gold accents finish this bag for a classy look.