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Polar A360

Polar's new fitness band offers more than just heart-rate tracking

Polar has announced a new fitness tracker, the A360. This new wearable sports not only the capabilities to track fitness and activities, but the device will also monitor the heart to provide training guidance. As one would expect from a fitness tracker, the A360 is waterproof, and is able to...
Polar A300

The Polar A300 fitness monitor comes in six colors and goes on sale in February

Polar has just revealed their latest wearable fitness monitor as part of CES 2015. The Polar A300 will come in six colors and will go on sale in the US and Finland in February for the price of €119.90, or €159.90 if buyers get the optional Polar H7 heart rate sensor. The wristband on the A300...
Best Fitness Bands

Ultimate guide to buying the best fitness trackers

Finding the best fitness trackers is no easy task. Fitness trackers are part of a rapidly growing category at the moment. We've been seeing bands from the likes of FitBit and Jawbone, both of whom have released several models over the years. We've also been seeing new bands from established names...

Polar M400 GPS watch coming later this year for $200

Polar has introduced their latest fitness tracking wearable, the M400. The $200 GPS device is jam-packed with standard fitness tracking features like speed and heart rate, but also adds in more runner-centric items like a run-time estimator, return to start function, and weekly training. Polar...