The Polar A300 fitness monitor comes in six colors and goes on sale in February

Polar A300
By John Callaham on 3 Jan 2015 05:58 pm

Polar has just revealed their latest wearable fitness monitor as part of CES 2015. The Polar A300 will come in six colors and will go on sale in the US and Finland in February for the price of €119.90, or €159.90 if buyers get the optional Polar H7 heart rate sensor. The wristband on the A300 can also be changed and additional bands can be bought for €24.90.

Polar states:

The waterproof A300 keeps up with the user 24/7 for up to four weeks before recharging. When worn together with the accurate Polar H7 heart rate sensor, A300 gives insight to heart rate based training. A300 helps the user to train right to improve fitness and push their body to healthy limits. Motivating feedback is delivered immediately after exercise. This includes the Energy Pointer: a simple-to-use feature that visually shows whether the main effect of training was improving fitness or burning fat. The Smart Calories feature calculates a total of burned calories from training and daily activity, showing exactly how many calories were expended during the day.

Polar A300 is an all-day lifestyle product ideal for tracking daily activity. It measures active time, steps, distance and sleep time, even showing how restful the sleep was. The Activity Benefit feature tracks all the active choices made throughout the day and shows how they help in staying healthy. A300 rewards the user when they have done enough and makes them move if there is still a bit missing from their individual daily activity goal. Moreover, A300 will interrupt long periods of sitting with a vibration alert encouraging to move. Activity and training details can be synced between A300 and Polar Flow web service and app with Bluetooth Smart. Polar Flow web service and mobile app explain the benefits the active choices bring each day. Daily activity and training summaries can be shared with friends for more motivation in Polar Flow.

The Polar A300 will go on sale in more countries in June.

Source: Polar

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The Polar A300 fitness monitor comes in six colors and goes on sale in February