Snap moments, print memories!

Your phone has a great camera on it, but when was the last time you put up one of those photos on your fridge, your desk, or sent a real picture to someone? Polaroid is going back to its roots with an instant developing camera for the Instagram generation.

Your memories filtered

The Polaroid Snap fits your pocket and your budget. It's worthwhile to buy a dedicated camera when it works this slick. Simply snap a photo, add some filters or borders to your image right on the camera, then hit print. The Snap doesn't require any ink cartridges thanks to its special paper, so you just have to worry about taking a great photo not running out of ink!

Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Snap brings instant photos to the digital age.


The Polaroid Snap allows you to take and print photos right in the moment using just your camera, no ink cartridges required!

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Snap to it

The Polaroid Snap shoots through a 10 megapixel lens. An SD card slot allows you to store additional images so you choose only your favourite shots to print. A timer makes taking selfies easy and the Polaroid Snap comes in four awesome colors.