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Polaroid's adorable 1-inch Cube action camera now available

Polaroid's Cube action camera is innovative, durable, & cute
By Derek Kessler on 26 Sep 2014 12:35 pm

Look out, GoPro, there's a new competitor in town with an old name: Polaroid. The little 1-inch cube action camera from Polaroid, aptly named Cube, is now available for just $99.99, coming in black, blue, and red (with the signature Polaroid rainbow stripe wrapped around the sides).

The Polaroid Cube packs a 1080p video camera (also capable of 6-megapixel stills) behind a 124° wide-angle lens. It contains a battery that's good for 90 minutes of continuous recording and recharges over Micro USB, and videos are recorded onto a microSD card.

Polaroid Cube monkey stand

What makes the Polaroid Cube really kind of cool, though, is the magnetic mount. For rough-and-tumble situations you'll still want to go with a secure clip that'll clamp things down, but you can also just slap the Cube onto a compatible adapter and know that the strong magnet will hold it there. There's also an utterly adorable monkey stand where you magnetically mount the Cube camera in place of the ape's head. And when things get extra hairy, there's a waterproof case available as well, ensuring that the Cube can go just about anywhere that GoPro goes.

We checked out the Cube back in January at CES 2014 when it was first unveiled, and now, nine months later, it's available. You can grab a Polaroid Cube today off Amazon.com, with shipping due to begin on 1 October.

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Polaroid's adorable 1-inch Cube action camera now available