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Poll: Which Pebble Steel do you like best?

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2014 12:54 am

The new Pebble Steel will be hitting the streets in just a few weeks, so the only decision you have to make between now and January 28th is which one?

The Pebble Steel comes in two variants — a Black Matte and Brushed Stainless. Both with matching metal bands and a black leather strap. Each has the same specs, same Gorilla Glass, same charging connector. But which one suits your fancy? 

I think I'm going with the Black Matte. It's not too crazy or flashy and I can wear it with anything, plus I just dig the matte look. I'm sure plenty of users will be all over the Brushed Stainless though. We want to know what you like best, so hit up the poll below with your choice and let us know!



Reader comments

Poll: Which Pebble Steel do you like best?


I like the look of the matte black but I'm guessing the brushed stainless might be more durable in the long run.

I prefer the Brushed Stainless, but both are winners in my book over the original plastic. Pebble has my attention with this step forward.

The Black Matte definitely looks the best, but as Clankfu said the Stainless will hold up better. Knocks and bumps will leave the black matte looking beat up with worn silver spots/scratches.

Ordered mine in matte black as soon as I saw your post...a few weeks still feels like a long time...I'm really excited for it!

I like the brushed stainless steel with the leather strap :) I know the leather strap comes with both of them, but that probably could have been an option in the poll, because I like it better than the metal bands! :)

Is it me or does anyone find this ugly.... can someone please design a so called "smartwatch" that doesn't look "smartwatchy"? Come on Apple PLEASE come up with something that does not look so fugly.

Can anyone who has actually handled both, let me know which one they think is better? How is the build quality?

I'm liking the Black. But I'm even more tempted to grab the original in black or red now that pricing might drop as my 1st smartwatch.

That Black Matte sure has some fans (me included!). I think that the brushed steel still looks pretty darn cool, but the black would go great with my BBZ10 and PlayBook combo.

I'm with jordanandrews90. I like the Brushed Stainless with a black strap. I just hate how you can't get an accurate feel for the finish in the promo videos.

I pre-ordered the black matte, so I guess there's my answer :) I really like they're including both the metal and leather bands, nice touch.

Brushed Stainless on its way but think the Matt black looks better. Just not sure of the quality of the PVD method they used to make it black, probably won't look that good months later, just guessing.