A smart way to prepare dinner

CTA digital has designed the ultimate cutting board for the smart chef, combining a tablet stand, cutting board, and knife block in one.

Cut to the chase

YouTube "How-to" videos can make you look a whole lot more competent in the kitchen. The only problem is watching these videos in the kitchen can leave your iPad looking a whole lot worse for wear. CTA Digital has created a solution to help you crush it in the kitchen while protecting your iPad from whatever recipe you are trying to concoct. Pull up your favorite or new recipe, slide the shield in place, and get cooking!

Bamboo Cutting Board With Screen Shield

This bamboo cutting board features a tilted groove for your tablet and a protective shield.


This Bamboo Cutting Board protects your iPad and stores your knives, making it easy to follow step-by-step cooking instructions in the kitchen.

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Chop chop

This cutting board is made from antibacterial bamboo making it a great surface to prepare your food on. Side slots easily store your knives making prep a breeze by keeping all your tools handy. The cutting board's groove fits many generations and sizes of iPad. Best of all a see-through screen guard protects your iPad's screen from food gunk and debris while you cook. If the guard gets dirty, it's easy to remove and wipe down so you can clearly see how to perfect that recipe displayed on your iPad.