Flat tires aren't fun, and finding out your car is losing tire pressure early can often be the difference between being stranded with a total flat, or making it safely to the nearest shop for repairs. Driving on an under-inflated tire also causes excessive heat, premature tire wear, or even a full out blowout. Many high-end cars come with built in TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), but what if your car doesn't?

FOBO ( For Our Better World ) has designed the world's first Bluetooth TPMS. Why is this neat? These simple valve stem attachment quickly screw onto your car tires valve stem, and with a quick sync of the FOBO app to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0, you get instant tire pressuring monitoring. The app will also let you monitor up to 19 cars at once making it easy to keep tabs on multiple vehicles, bicycles, or trailers. Fobo's TPMS comes with built in replaceable batteries that will last up to 2 years. They also come with a 2-level theft deterrent system. A mechanical lock nut uses a proprietary wrench to unscrew while each valve stem can be cloud ID locked preventing the unit from being re-used by someone else. The App will also notify you should your tire sensor go missing.

Fobo Tire Plus retails for $229, with includes four valve stem caps. While this may seem like a lot, even if it helps you detect a problem with your tires early, it can prevent further damage to the tire and will pay for itself.

Purchase a FOBO Tire Pressure Monitor System / $229