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Pro biker Danny MacAskill takes us all for a ride using his GoPro

By Bla1ze on 17 May 2014 06:41 pm

My days of riding bikes rather dangerously are over though I certainly have the scars to prove I've done it in the past. Someone who's not afraid to go all out though is Pro biker Danny MacAskill and recently, he strapped on a GoPro to help us all relive our crazy and sometimes stupid bike riding days.

The video was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland and was a causal Sunday ride for Danny. Just hit play and watch, it's pretty sweet. Have you all done some crazy stuff with your GoPro's? If so, stop by the Connectedly forums and share your videos with others.

Via: Gizmodo

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Pro biker Danny MacAskill takes us all for a ride using his GoPro


Great way to show what exactly the GoPro can capture! There is such a praise for people with that kind of balance, and then to add a bike in the mix, kudos! Look forward to checking out everyone else's "less professional" videos in the forums.

First time I've seen MacAskill 'in town' and from his perspective - thanks! GoPro's help riders check out trails they haven't ridden before which can be a time and gas saver.

I always love Danny's freestyles. Awesome video!

I'm planning to get a mountable cam for myself. Is there anyone here who can tell me why GoPro would be a better decision, or not? Are there any other options i should look into?

I would go for the GoPro, or wait until the Summer, when it's rumoured that the GoPro HERO 4 might come with 4k 30fps recording. there is just no action camera that comes close to the flexibility of a GoPro, it has great video quality and it has huge selection of mounts to work on pretty much anything.
The only downside is that the Black edition camera and all the accessories can get quite expensive, especially if you live outside the US. In the US you can find pretty good deals on the mounts, and if money is a major concern wait for a good deal; I got my GoPro HERO 3 Black during a great offer on Black Friday last year.

I like the fact you are doing GoPro coverage... Those cameras are amazing (I have a hero3). There should be an other mobile nations site for cameras :P PhotoCentral, I'm waiting for you to come!

I agree with the GoPro coverage comment. I'm getting more and more impressed with the type of content that is getting posted to connectedly. Regarding the video...that was a hero!

I'm always amazed at what GoPro users end up capturing, and the quality of the cameras in general. I'm not really a sports/extreme stunts kind of person myself, but I can still marvel at the GoPro

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This is pretty much insane. And awesome. Awesomely insane. I'd say inspiring, but there's just no way in the world I'd even attempt that. Lol. So living vicariously through GoPro is a nice consolation. :)

Pretty bad ass. Especially that railing part. The balance is really impressive! Ahh! How does he do that???