It's like riding a bike. But better.

For the urban professional who is tired of downtown parking, cramped transit rides, and wants to enjoy their work commute there is a solution, someone has designed a bicycle just for you.

Ride like a kid again.

Public Bikes, City Bike model was researched and designed from the ground up for the urban professional. The makers of these bicycles looked at the best European designs to try and figure out what features are most important in a bike to people who use them as their primary transportation method. The result of this is a timeless, friendly, functional bicycle that you will love hopping on every day.

Public Bikes, City Bike

Public C1 Model in Turqouise


The C1, City Bike by Public Bikes is perfect for daily commuting, weekend cruising, or leisure riding.

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The ergonomics of Public Bikes help shift you into the best riding posture possible. This makes it easy for you to sit up while you ride providing comfort and better visibility. The bicycle seats won't leave you feeling like you've been rudely punished after a long ride. Fenders and chain guards protect your clothing from splashes and rips. By adding a cargo rack you have a comfortable way to carry your laptop to work, your groceries from the market, or your co-pilot dog for a city cruise.

The Public Bikes comes in a variety of happy colors, making these bikes as easy on the eyes as they are to ride.