There is an exciting new Kickstarter campaign running that has quickly zipped past its pledge goal in less than a day. The campaign is for a product called Pugz, and they are self-proclaimed as "the world's smallest wireless earbuds".

Wireless earbuds are not a new technology, and they've continued to get smaller and smaller, but what makes these special is their ability to charge back up directly off your phone. Pugz use an 18K gold self-guiding magnetic connector called "The Squircle". It will quickly snap together your earbuds to whatever charging cable your device uses. Whether it's a computer USB port, AC-adapter USB, Android mini USB or the iPhone Lightning cable, if the battery is low you can 'Squircle' your Pugz and keep on listening. Many earbuds on the market become useless when the battery is dead, but Pugz create a simplified solution to wireless earbuds by allowing you to use them even when they need a charge-up.

The Squircle

Pugz will take less than an hour to charge, and will use about 3% of your average smartphone's battery up. They will offer up to 4.5 hours of playback, and can double up as a headset with up to ten days of standby time. Pugs are offered in a range of sizes from small to extra large, and come in 4 different colors. They will likely retail for $199, but there are still some Kickstarter pledge spots open for $119 that promise to get you a pair of Pugz by November of this year.

Great to see new and improving innovations in the earbud industry.

Pledge to get your Pugz wireless earbuds / $119