Put it on, then go!

Never worry again about racing home before your phone loses the last of its juice. Put2Go keeps your phone charged and within easy reach so you can focus on driving, not your dwindling battery.

Charging made easy

The Put2Go wireless car mount is a thin, magnetic phone dock with built-in wireless charging capabilities so you never have to fight with charging cables when you should be focusing on the road instead. The dock is ultra convenient because it charges your battery life twice as quickly as cables do, and Put2Go's hands-free mode makes calling on-the-go a snap.

This Kickstarter mounts onto your vehicle's air vents, ensuring proper airflow so your phone is less likely to overheat, and its rare earth magnet holds your phone securely in place, so it won't budge, even if you're haulin' down a bumpy, back-country road.

Put2Go Wireless Car Mount


Put2Go is a magnetic phone dock with built-in wireless charging capabilities that mounts onto your vehicle's air vents to prevent your phone from overheating, and the dock can charge your battery life at twice the speed cables do.

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Wireless charging, everywhere

Put2Go incorporates a three-in-one, smart magnetic adapter, so it will work with phones that use micro USB, lightning,and USB Type C adapters. With 360-degree rotation and a 15-degree ball joint swivel capacity, Put2Go makes portrait and landscape viewing easy. And because it's equipped with 1A output, you can charge your device while driving and using your favorite navigation app, so your phone's all ready to go when you get where you're going.

Put2Go can also be used to charge your phone in your home or at the office.