The Apple 'Hey Siri' event was this week, and we had our first look at the iPad Pro, Pencil, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, 4th gen Apple TV. If you missed the event and for some reason have two hours and twenty minutes to watch "fluffed" product announcements, it's up here on iMore. The level of enthusiasm from the presenters, as well as the crowds reaction, make it somewhat comical and entertaining. If you want the quick 99-second rundown of the event, check out this video by Mashable.

Otherwise here are two popular YouTube professional tech reviewers giving you their recap of the event and giving some of their unfiltered opinions.

Cody from iTwe4kz gives his take on the whole event

TechnoBuffalo Jon Rettinger gives his take on the iPad Pro, Pencil and the iPhone 6S

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