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A quick look at the HOT smartwatch charging cable

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2014 03:06 pm

We haven't heard too much on the HOT front lately (which isn't a bad thing) but today the folks at HOT posted up some images of the charging connector on their Facebook page. If you're one of the HOT backers then it's cool to see the little features that are packed into the devices — charging cable included.

As you can see in the photos, the connection is a magnetic one much like the Pebble. It's a simple proprietary design that snaps onto the charging connection on the watch, allowing the device itself to remain sealed to the outside world.

I can't say that I'm a fan of the seemingly endless proprietary chargers coming with all of these new watches though. I'm starting to lose count of just how many I'm up to at this point.

Hit up the link below for some more images, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Check out more on the HOT Facebook page

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Reader comments

A quick look at the HOT smartwatch charging cable


Smartwatches should be chaged like Agent. Wireless! Totally agree with @dbareis .

edit: Forgot to add that my ideal SmartWatch would charge with a Swiss Automatic Movement.

All smartwatches should charge with a universal charger (micro USB) such as the Sony Smartwatch 2. Why carry around proprietary connections? SMH

I agree. I mean I (kind of) get why they do it, but for someone like me with a bunch of watches, I have just as many proprietary chargers to cart around too. 

I am so incredibly excited for this watch! Don't like the proprietary cable, but hopefully the battery life will be good enough that I don't have to monkey around with it too much.

Eh, new device types always start with proprietary chargers. Yes it's a pain, but until someone figures out the right format, and everyone loves it, we won't bee uniformity. With devices this small it's probably difficult to use what is uniform now(microUSB), especially on the water resistant devices.

I would like to see everyone implement either Qi charging or pick a magnetic charger and all stick with that.

I echo dbareis ... Wireless would be awesome. The pebble charger isn't too bad, I just find it very easy to come off, even if you just move the device slightly.