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Quick Review: MetaWatch Frame

By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2014 10:58 am

First thing I can say about the MetaWatch Frame is that this thing is built like a tank. The body and back are metal and the front is glass. There is a hefty weight to the watch. If I had to nit pick on something I would have to say it is the buttons made of plastic. Like expensive stainless steel BBQ grills made today that skimp on plastic knobs, so is the same with this watch. Not that the plastic buttons effect the operation at all, but $1 more in materials would have really put this watch over the top. This watch makes the original Pebble feel like a $20 watch from WalMart.


This is the most controversial item about the watch. Many lament it for it's mirror like qualities and to tell you the truth when I first strapped it on I fully agreed. Ironically enough, the time the screen is the worst is when you are looking directly at it. But when used as a ... well... watch, meaning looking at it from an angle at arm's length the screen is actually fine. Not perfect mind you, but fine. The first day I didn't like it, the second day I didn't mind it, and from then on I thought it blended in with the design of the watch. I still would prefer the display of a Pebble over this, but it certainly is not as awful as it is made out to be.


This is very subjective so I won't get much into this. I like the design of the watch. In fact, the Frame looks much like the HOT watch Edge that I ordered. It is something that would look perfectly fine in the business world or at a fancy event. For those that thought the Pebble looked too unsophisticated, this would fit the bill.

Firmware Update

I figured I'd put this in just because how bad the process is. In today's world of over the air firmware updates having to download the update to a computer, run an installer, actually confirm which port the cable is on, and then hope all runs well is something that is unnecessarily complicated. I guess most users at this point in time of a smartwatch are able to do this, but the general masses would be confused by the process. I certainly know my wife and parents would not be able to do it.

Charging Clip

The good news is that the charging cord is just a regular USB to Micro USB cord. This allows you to use any cord you have and you don't need to carry another cord when traveling. The proprietary item is the clip that connects to the Micro USB on one side and clips onto the watch connecting with 4 pins located on the bottom of the watch. The clip though is a little difficult to align. Not terrible, but it may take 20-30 seconds to make sure you have a good connection. The clip has a light on it but it is illuminated all the time the clip is plugged into the cord. I would have much rather have it illuminate when the clip was attached to the watch and indicate by changing colors when the charging is complete.

Overall Use

Once I got my notifications set up properly use has been very good. This item is primarily a notification device. The special thing about the watch was it's ability to run widgets. There are four screens that you can customize and you can set up any combination of widgets (up to 4 per screen). I personally don't have a need for all the widgets on one screen (info gets a little small) so I actually set the four screens up with one item per screen. Time on the first, calendar on the second, weather on the third, and so far the forth is still blank. A button on the side of the watch allows you to cycle through the screens.


I found the vibration to be a little on the light side. Not so light that you'll miss notifications but I know for a fact it wouldn't come close to waking me up while sleeping. It isn't something that's a deal breaker, but I'd love to be able to adjust it up a notch or two.

Battery Life

So far I'm seeing about 4 days of battery life. I'm a light user though so I can see this dropping to 3 for someone that gets hundreds of notifications a day.

Final Impressions

I like the watch overall. To me though, due to the weight it would be an occasional watch. People that love large watches would gravitate to it but it is not something I would wear 24 hrs a day. I can see it being used in tandem with an original Pebble, MetaWatch during business hours and Pebble at night and on the weekends.

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Quick Review: MetaWatch Frame

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I purchased one of these this weekend, but the screen didn't work so I returned it. I'm glad I didn't try to get another. I'll wait for my HOT Watch. Hopefully they aren't delayed anymore.