Raspberry Pi Model B+ revealed with improved hardware for $35

raspberry pi model b+
By John Callaham on 14 Jul 2014 08:35 am

The Raspberry Pi foundation has revealed its newest PC, the Model B+, with a number of hardware improvements compared to the old Model B but still keeping its $35 price tag.

The Model B+ has the same processor, software and amount of RAM (512 MB) as the Model B, but contains four USB 2.0 ports instead of just two, and a "push-push" microSD port compared to the full SD card slot. There's also a dedicated power supply for the audio circuit, and the Model B+ uses between 0.5W and 1W less power than before. Its GPIO header has 40 pins compared to 26. All of that new and improved hardware is contained in a more organized form factor.

The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is already on sale but the foundation plans to keep the older B version around "for as long as there's demand for it." What do you think of this new version and do you plan to purchase it?

Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Raspberry Pi Model B+ revealed with improved hardware for $35


I like the changes and may just finally have to pull the trigger on one of these while the wife is out of town.