Razer Nabu will integrate with WeChat, expected to launch with sub-$100 price tag

Razer Nabu
By Rich Edmonds on 24 Jul 2014 03:52 am

Razer has confirmed that its up and coming Nabu wearable will integrate with the WeChat messaging service. The wearable is attempting to bind together both the smartwatch and fitness band, offering consumers a single product to carry out multiple tasks. The band itself is set to debut in China, before heading to the US and other targeted markets. As previously touched on, the retail price is expected to be less than $100.

It remains to be seen just how good the Nabu will be, but it's an interesting concept, nonetheless. The added WeChat integration is just another feature which makes the product further stand out prior to its launch. The company is also exploring unique gestures like exchanging contact details by simply waving or through a handshake, not to mention offering an open platform and considering Windows Phone support.

Are you looking forward to the Razer Nabu? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, as well as if you managed to get into the testing phase or not.

Source: Re/Code, via: The Next Web

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Razer Nabu will integrate with WeChat, expected to launch with sub-$100 price tag


This product is starting to feel like the typical kickstarter that over promises and under delivers. Hope I'm wrong.

Depending on when this releases, and assuming the iwatch/microsoft watches release this year, it could be a decent in-between fitness tracker for those currently holding out and not wanting to pay 100+ for what's currently out there..

I'd be happy if they have someone among their testers who can help ensure the android app works with BlackBerry 10.

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