Red announces its new affordable Raven 4K camera - By affordable we mean $5950

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company has long been known for making professional-grade digital cinematography and photography cameras. Red cameras support raw video recording, can film in 6K resolution, and have even been used on big blockbuster films such as The Hobbit. They've also been known for their steep pricing, with just the Epic-M Red Dragon camera body selling for $29,000 alone. The Epic-X Red Dragon Pro Collection, which features what you need to film right out of the box, sells for a staggering $52,805. Needless to say, they were never meant as affordable consumer cameras. However, now Red has announced the Red Raven camera line, and it's priced at $5,950. It's capable of shooting at 120 Frames Per Second at a 4096x2160 resolution, or 240FPS at 2048x1080 and weighs just 3.5 lbs. The $5950 still gets you the "brains" only part of the camera, and lenses and accessories will cost you more. However, for under $10,000, customers can now pre-order Hollywood-quality cameras estimated to ship by February 2016.

Red Raven Technical Specs:

Red Raven Pricing:

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