Reimagine your notifications as actions with Reqallable for Sony Smartwatch 2

By Jared DiPane on 8 Feb 2014 08:52 am

Smartwatches do a great job of pushing notifications to your wrist, but unfortunately most of the time you can't act on that notification which means you have to take your phone out to complete the task. The folks over at reQall noticed that there was a big void in this space and have released their first application for the Sony Smartwatch 2, reqallable. In an attempt to make your notifications smarter and more actionable, reqallable analyzes your messages and displays the portions that merit a response.

After analyzing the messages, you are able to respond with predetermined quick replies right from your wrist so your phone can stay in your pocket. Beyond being able to analyze your messages, reqallable also prioritizes messages from important contacts so you never miss anything they are sending. To ensure you are always on time, the application will monitor your calendar as well as current traffic conditions and it will notify you when the best time to leave is to be sure you arrive promptly. Whether in a meeting, on the road, or just unable to get to the phone to answer it, reqallable allows you to reply to a missed call with a text message, so you don't have to worry about the other party getting upset.

If you are looking to take more control of your Sony Smartwatch 2 and have it work much smarter for you, then reqallable is something you will definitely want to check out. The application itself is free making it a no brainer to see how it can improve your overall experience.

Download reqallable for your Sony Smartwatch 2

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Reimagine your notifications as actions with Reqallable for Sony Smartwatch 2


See, this is what Google Now will be for watches...gah, I can't wait much longer! Or, I can, but don't want to :-(

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