Reminder: Enter our launch contest for your chance to win awesome prizes! | Connectedly

Reminder: Enter our launch contest for your chance to win awesome prizes!

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2014 09:42 am

Just a friendly reminder that you still have time to enter our awesome Connectedly Launch Contest for a chance to win some amazing prizes. You have until the end of the month to get in on the action, so if you haven't already, be sure to leave a comment on the original contest post for your chance to win!

What can you win? Here are the prizes:

In addition, you can have even more chances to win, just by posting on Connectedly every day. Any comment on an article, post on an existing forum discussion or starting a new forum thread will count as an extra entry into the contest. That's a lot of chances!

For full contest rules and more info, check out this post. Good luck!

Don't forget to follow Connectedly and download our NEW Android app for good measure!

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Reader comments

Reminder: Enter our launch contest for your chance to win awesome prizes!


Still a nice contest, and it even get's better: Today I was at my uncle's place. He just installed a Sono Playbar and Subwoofer and wauw, connecting this badass speakerset to a 40 inch TV and watched a Metalica concert from DVD! It almost felt I was there by myself!

I am Sonos-Crazy!! Just installed a Connect Amp to outdoor wired speakers at the spa. I may never leave my backyard again.

I did originally, and had a quick question that was never answered (undstandable given the vast amounts of comments in the original post)... We only have to post on that once to get entry, right? And every subsequent post (max 1 per day) on any other article after that first post would be an additional entry? We don't have to keep commenting on that first prize post every day?

That is the way I understood it as well. Comment on the original post gains entry to the contest. Each daily post anywhere on the site is worth another entry (only one bonus entry per day).

Posted via Connectedly App

I've been to the site about 200 times a day.... But that probably has a lot to do with just having knee surgery and not being able to leave the couch.

On another note, I'm having issues issues with the new app. It doesn't allow allow me to post blog comments. Keeps claiming I'm not signed in, although when I click "account" it immediately pulls up my account. No problems with the forums though.

Here's a question for ya.... How is this being tracked? Guessing through some sort of software. Can't imagine someone going through every single forum thread and keeping a list.