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reqallable gives you better notifications on your Pebble smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 27 Mar 2014 10:16 am

Reqallable has been available for the Sony Smartwatch 2 and some other devices for a while now, and today it has also been released for the Pebble smartwatch. The app reimagines your notifications, providing you only with what you need, when you need it.

Rather than sending along all of your notifications that you may not necessarily need, recallable filters out the important ones depending on where you are — at home, driving, at work — and forwards them to your Pebble. You can even reply to messages right from your watch with a set of pre-formatted replies. Reqallable also factors in travel times for your appointments depending on your actual location.

The app is available now for Android users and is a free download from Google Play and the Pebble appstore.

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Press Release

reqallable For Pebble: Lets Smartwatch Wearers Put Their Phone Away

reqallable App Lets Pebble Users Communicate Straight from the Watch: Extracts "Act Now" Content from Emails and Texts; Allows Replies Directly from Watch; Screens Notifications when Busy

MOFFETT FIELD and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- reQall (, the award-winning developer of proactive intelligent assistant technologies, today launches reqallable for the Pebble Smartwatch, the first context-aware app to intelligently manage notifications, identify critical information and let you act on what matters most in email and text messages. Available now for free in Pebble's smartwatch appstore for Android, reqallable understands where you are, what you're doing and who's important to you to intelligently screen messages, highlight critical details and requests, and let you respond without reaching for your phone.

"reqallable expands the utility of Pebble by optimizing your email, text message and notifications experience," said Pebble CEO and founder, Eric Migicovsky. "It's hard to imagine a more transformative interface for a smartwatch than a technology that contextually understands who is important to you, when to buzz you, what to present you at a glance, and permits responses and actions directly from the watch."

reqallable automatically determines and prioritizes messages from important contacts based on your calendar, communications, activity and location. For example, if you've scheduled a meeting, reqallable will alert you to messages from participants, temporarily elevating those contacts to VIP status while holding back other messages until the meeting has finished. When a message arrives, reqallable parses emails and texts to present only the most critical details, and even offers pre-formatted responses like "This is fine," "Please call," or "Let's meet," for quick replies.

"Pebble users are early-adopters of wearables and view the smartwatch as the next stratum of personal communication tools. reqallable helps Pebble become a more fully-functioning device by managing and modulating when it's a good time – or not – for an interruption, and gives the wearer tools for a quick reply without having to reach for their smartphone," commented Rao Machiraju, co-founder and CEO of reQall. "reQall was founded based on award-winning research conducted at MIT that entailed wearing a device to understand human behavior. The goal was to intelligently automate personal assistance tasks on behalf of the user: with reqallable, that's exactly what we've achieved."

reqallable for Pebble is the third smartwatch app launch for reQall, which introduced reqallable for the Sony Smartwatch in January, followed by reqallable for the Samsung Gear in February. New apps for other devices will be released over the coming months.

reqallable is available in beta for Pebble, Sony Smartwatch, all Android phones, and soon will be on Samsung Gear. More information can be found at The App can be downloaded at Pebble's AppStore and Google Play.

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Reader comments

reqallable gives you better notifications on your Pebble smartwatch


If I were the maker of Glance, I would not be happy about Migicovsky's comments in this press release. Talk about turning your back on one of your early and key developers. Glance is what made the Pebble truly useful, especially before Pebble 2.0 came out. Glance has all of this product's functionality except for the supposed "context awareness". And every product I have tried with such "technology" has been worse than useless, as their algorithmic assumptions about my needs are wrong way more often than not.

Notice that Migicovsky doesn't say that Reqallable is actually awesome. What he said was that it expands the functionality of Pebble, which is essentially what all Pebble apps are supposed to do. I mean, an app that turns the screen black on command technically expands the functionality of the pebble, so it is a fairly low bar.

He went to say that "It's hard to imagine a more transformative interface for a smartwatch than a technology that contextually". And I think most of us agree that such a technology would be transformative but note that he never says that Reqallable is actually any GOOD at being a contextual filter.

So no, if I were Glance I wouldn't be concerned about Migicovsky's statement unless Reqallable really is any good. And then Migicovsky's brief statement is really the least of their worries.