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Revolv adds a slew of new features and support for additional devices

By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2014 09:58 am

Today Revolv, the all-in-one connected home hub, has added support for a handful of new devices as well as some great new features. Just last week, Android users saw the release of the new Revolv Android app, and today's updates bring all kinds of new goodies to the table.

Revolv users are all about getting all of their devices to work with the Hub, so thankfully you can now use some new water sensors, thermostats, and other controllers. Here's what's been added:

  • Aeotec water sensor, model: DSB45-ZWUS
  • Insteon water sensor
  • Aeotec mini remote control, model: DSA03202W-ZWUS
  • Leviton Vizia 4-button scene controller, model: VRCS4-M0Z
  • Leviton Vizia 1-button scene controller, model: VRCS1-1LZ
  • Honeywell Wifi Thermostats, model: RTH6580WF, TH8320WF, RTH8580WF and RTH9580WF

In addition, Revolv has gained some new software features to keep things running smoothly. Along with the updated Android app and Nest support, here's what is new:

  • Integration with the Nest API for official support of the Nest Learning Thermostat and (coming soon) Nest Protect
  • New Design - We've updated the app with a beautiful new design. The icons are cleaner, the colors more pleasing to the eye, and the Dashboard is more customizable than ever.
  • The Inventory – You list of devices & favorites has been replaced by Inventory: An easily accessible area of your App which neatly houses and organizes all the devices and Actions you'd prefer not to live on your Dashboard.
  • The Status Bar – Curious what state your home is in? Simply refer to your new Status Bar. It will let you know at a glance how your Hub is doing, how many devices you have connected, and whether or not there's anyone home at the moment.
  • Rearranging your Dashboard has never been easier thanks to drag & drop. Just tap and hold an icon, then drag it wherever you'd like. You can even remove it from the Dashboard by dropping it back into your Inventory.
  • Change the GeoSense radius around your home to one that suits your lifestyle. Two blocks? Two miles? No matter the size, Revolv will trigger your GeoSense Action when you hit it.
  • Multi-Phone Recognition – Never leave your family in the dark again. GeoSense now recognizes multiple phones and will only trigger a "leaving home" Action if everyone is out of the house.
  • Customized "Coming Home" Actions – Everyone in your home who activates GeoSense will be able to customize their own "coming home" Action to trigger should they be the first one to arrive.
  • Intelligent Merging of Actions – Because everyone has the option of their own custom "coming home" Action, we don't want to over-write settings if someone's already home! Revolv intelligently merges "coming home" GeoSense Actions with your home's current state, so you don't start blasting your preferred music if you're partner is already enjoying theirs.
  • Intelligent Occupancy – Revolv uses "intelligent occupancy" to determine if someone is home who does not have a smart phone, like children. Don't have kids? It's a great way to learn if there's someone in your home who shouldn't be. We can send you a push notification to let you know either way.
  • Revolv knows when you're really home - Just in the neighborhood but not heading home? We'll un-trigger your "coming home" Action if you're simply driving by and can send you a notification to let you know we've done so. (Remember, your door never unlocks without a slide or tap-to-unlock from you.)
  • Ability to disable GeoSense for devices that always remain at home, such as tablets or iPods.
  • Added in-app notifications for water sensors in case of a leak or water damage to your home.

The Revolv app is a free download from Google Play and iTunes.

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Revolv adds a slew of new features and support for additional devices

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