Playing it safe never looked better!

For those times where you want to look good, but you also want to protect your head, Ribcap brings fashion and protection together for everyday use.

Heads up!

Maybe you're golfing in front of someone who has no idea what they're doing. Or a friend has talked you into going horseback riding. Or you like riding your bike, but don't want to look like a little kid, Ribcap's new ballcaps could be the perfect option to give you functional, protective headgear that actually looks cool and feels comfortable to wear.

Ribcap's Baseball Cap

Protective panels make these hats great to wear during sports, cycling, and more.


Fashion meets protection in Ribcap's Baseball Cap; perfect for everyday use, especially when you need a little something extra to keep your head safe.

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Ribcap's headgear has been designed for active people who are looking for a little bit of extra protection during their favourite activities. The premium cotton twill on the outside of Ribcap's baseball hat makes this headgear look like an ordinary cap. But underneath this fabric, custom protectors are sewn into the ribcap to help protect your head against scratches and falls that might happen while hiking, cycling, golfing, or any other activity that might lend itself to bumps or bruises.

Even with the protective paneling inside the cap, Ribcap's Coolmax fabric helps to improve airflow between their clothing and your scalp, making their headgear comfortable to wear all day long. Ribcap's Baseball Cap is washable, foldable, and available in two adjustable sizes.