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Ringly, for when you need notifications on your finger

By Derek Kessler on 11 Jun 2014 11:36 am

We've got wearables for your head, your arm, your wrist, and now your… finger. That's Ringly, which is essentially a Bluetooth vibrator and LED indicator light for your finger. Pair it with your phone and get notifications buzzed onto your finger. The promise of Ringly is to do that in style.

Style, is of course subjective. Ringly comes in four gemstone colors — stargaze (black), wine bar (purple), daydream (blueish), and "into the woods" (i.e. green), all mounted onto an 18K matt gold box and ring. Being that there's a vibrator ensconced inside, as a ring the Ringly is neither small nor discrete (unless you're the blinged-out type). Charging is accomplished through the included ring box, with an anticipated batter life of around two days.

Ringly works by merely taking the notifications from your phone and buzzing them on your finger. There will be an app for iOS and one for Android to set up pairing and deliver any software updates.

If you're interested, Ringly is available for pre-order now, with all four colors going for $145 ($50 less than the expected retail price). So who's going to get one?

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Reader comments

Ringly, for when you need notifications on your finger


Wow, I thought the whole gemstone was going to light up but instead it was just a tiny led on the side. At two days battery life it seems more troublesome than beneficial but to each his/her own.

No spank you! I really don't see this selling well, seems like little function for lots of hassle, may even help you get arthritis!

Having said that, who doesn't need a Bluetooth vibrator? Now THAT you could market!

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