We live in some incredible times. Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace. Robots are becoming smarter and smarter. Autonomous vehicles are being worked on by Google, Apple, and Tesla. With so many incredible innovations also comes the ability to replace human jobs with cost saving and more efficient robots. Robots who require no vacation time, no sick days, and no tongue-lashings to work harder. A group of researchers at the University of Oxford created a study trying to predict how technology will affect the job market in the next 20 years. They based it on nine different traits and the probability of robots being effectively capable of handling these traits.

Here are ten jobs that will likely be done by Robots in the future.

P.S. If you don't understand the memes. If you could watch Office Space, that would be great.

Source: Complete study by Oxford University

1. Mail Carriers

67.5% Chance

Mail service has been on a decline with more people communicating daily via text, email, and social messaging. Long have we seen the days of people staying in touch by writing letters. Most people now also get their bills sent digitally, and there has been less and less of a need for door to door mail delivery. The Oxford University predicts that within 20 years, there is a 67.5 % chance of machines taking over mail carrier jobs. Who will the dog attack now?

2. Bus Drivers

88.8% chance

With Autonomous vehicles in development by the likes of Apple and Google, there is a good chance that future buses will run on an automatic grid controlled by robots or remotely from an office. Oxford University predicts that there is an 88.8 % change that bus drivers will be obsolete in twenty years.

3. Garbage Collectors

93.4% chance

This has already gotten fairly more advance in recent years, as a lot of garbage trucks have arms that extend to pickup garbage cans and dump them in the back of the truck. Couple that with some autonomous driving trucks and there is a 93.4 percent chance that garbage collectors are looking for new jobs.

4. Waiters and Waitresses

93.7% chance

Restaurants with no Waiters and Waitresses? Apparently so, there is a 93.7 percent chance that you sit down and order your food from a tablet or device of some sorts that will likely be cooked by a robot as well. Hey, at least you won't have to tip your robot.

5. Manicurist and Pedicurist

94.5% chance

Apparently getting your nails done won't be too hard for a robot to handle. Oxford researchers predict that there is a 94.5 % chance that manicurist and pedicurist jobs will be handled by robots eventually.

6. Restaurant Cooks

96.3% chance

Just like your waitresses and waiters, it's likely that your restaurant cook will be a robot. A 96.3% possibility that the meal you order will be prepared and cooked entirely by a machine. Look at the bright side, at least you won't find hair in your meal.

7. Cashiers

97.1% chance

After you finish your meal that was ordered with a machine and prepared by a machine you need to pay still right? Well, it likely won't be a human cashier attendant taking your payment, there is a is a 97.1% chance that job will go to a machine as well. We are already seeing this in many supermarkets.

8. Tellers

98.3% chance

Bank Tellers will likely also see their jobs go to electronic counter-parts as well. The Oxford University predicts a 98.3% chance of that happening. With most people paying their bills digitally, and fewer people carrying cash with the advancement of digital payments such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin. There is less need to go to a bank teller to handle your money.

9. Telemarketers

99.0% chance

The number one job to likely see humans being replaced with robots is that of a telemarketer. Oxford predicts a 99% chance this to happen within 20 years. No studies needed to tell us that there is still a 100% chance telemarketing calls will still annoy us.

There you have it. The robots are coming! Do you find these percentages likely? Comment below and let us know what you think.