Italian-style pizza in your own backyard!

It's a beautiful summer evening. Sunset. You're in the back yard. And you're preparing a stone baked pizza on your patio. THIS is how you become the envy of the neighborhood.

Pizza, Pizza, everywhere, let's all have a snack!

Roccbox is helping you turn any outdoor space into a gourmet pizzeria...soon! This is an Indiegogo project that has surpassed its funding goal so it will be moving into production. This handy oven heats up to incredibly high temperatures (930 degrees fahrenheit) with wood or gas in about 15 minutes. This means you can get a pizza in and out and have it perfectly crisped Neopolitan style in about 90 seconds according to Roccbox's designers. This is a great solution for people who want a stone fired oven without having the inconvenience and expense of building a permanent structure in their backyard.

Roccbox Outdoor Oven

This Indiegogo project has reached it's funding level.


The Roccbox outdoor oven lets you enjoy stone-baked pizza anywhere!

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A burner mounted beneath the oven circulates heat warming up the stone surface. The heat of the stone cooks your pizza and removes moisture, crisping the crust to perfection. This pizza oven was designed for portability with a top handle and is made for easy cleaning on the outside (never wash or clean the pizza stone...just crank the heat before each cooking).

The Roccbox oven is the best way to enjoy authentic, Italian-style pizza anywhere between your backyard, cottage, or favorite camping spot.