Shaving the old fashioned way

Go back to basics. No vibrating handles. No lubricating strip. No nonsense. Just a good shave every time with Rockwell's Model T razor.

Every shave customized for you

The Indiegogo team behind Rockwell's Model T razor sought out to create a durable shaver that could last forever. Seeing their timeless design and inexpensive solution to replace expensive shaving cartridges it's no wonder their Indiegogo campaign easily surpassed it's goal many times over. The Rockwell Model T razor is simple to dial in for your exact shaving needs and the easily replaceable razors will save you a ton of money on replacement blades.

Rockwell Model T


Rockwell's Model T uses a slick dial to adjust the angle and height of your razor's blade, providing a custom shave every time.

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Twist and shave

The Rockwell Model T's brass housing conceals plated zinc internals which mean your razor is going to look beautiful even after you've had it for years. Twist the dial on the razor between six height settings to adjust the gap and angle between the razor blade and plate to suit your stubble and skin condition. Whether you're sawing through a lumberjack's growth of beard, or cornering off the edges of your stubbly neck, the Rockwell Model T will give you the precision you need to clean yourself up.

When it's time for a new razor, just twist the handle of the shaver, pull out the old blade, and drop in a new one. Each blade costs about 10 cents, and when you support the Indiegogo campaign, you'll get 100 free blades. That's a lot of shaves.