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Roku LT sees 26% discount today on Amazon

Roku LT
By Simon Sage on 14 May 2014 10:56 am

Roku's entry-level LT set-top box is getting a pretty solid price cut on Amazon today. It's being knocked down from $49.99 to $36.99, putting it in the same ballpark as the Chromecast. The Roku LT is being quickly ushered out the door by Roku's new Streaming Stick at the $50 tier, and does a fair bit more than the LT, not to mention takes up less space.

Still, the LT will offer 720p video from over 1000 channels to TVs over HDMI or component cable. The hardware remote helps you get around, but doesn't have the fancier features like motion tracking and a dedicated headphone jack. Here's where you can pick up the Roku LT if you're interested. Would any of you guys pick up one of these instead of a Chromecast? Is it worth having both?

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Roku LT sees 26% discount today on Amazon


Yes I am tempted to get one which would be my 3rd for my basement TV and use it in place of the google tv that us already down there.

I've a really old Roku, 1st gen.. was a good system.. but between my Mac Mini (XBMC) and Apple TV for Netflix/Hulu, I don't have much use for a Roku...