Kicked TV Episode

This week on Kicked TV, Kim and guest host Drew show us their top five crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter and Indigogo.

1. Rotato

Rotato: This motorized monitor accessory allows you to switch from a horizontal to a vertical monitor setup with the use of a hot-key. Quickly rotate your screen in the same fashion we continuously rotate our phones, the Rotato is an asset to viewing pictures, graphic designers, programmers and more. Rotato accommodates a wide variety of monitor sizes, and will sense any obstructions. It's powered by a single USB connection and uses a Vesa 100x100 mount. The click of a set hot-key rotates your monitor and will also automatically adjust your resolution to match its rotation. The project has a $35,000 pledge goal with only 15% reached so far. A $49 pledge will get you one Rotato unit if the pledge goal is reached.

Pledge to get your hands on a Rotato / $ 49

2. Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock

Ola is a fingerprint smart-lock that uses no keys or smart devices to verify authenticity. Instead, the Ola fingerprint lock has a fingerprint scanner right on the handle and utilizes radio frequency signal to scan the pattern under the surface of your skin. Ola also allows you to share access to loved ones using the official app, which grants access with temporary, scheduled, permanent, or master levels. The unit uses 4 AA batteries and also has a backup AAA battery that claims a total battery life of 7 years. So far it is 14% funded with a pledge goal of $25,000. Early bird pledges of $119 would get you an Old Fingerprint Smart Lock.

Pledge to get your own Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock / $119

3. Garlic Shaker

The fastest and easiest way to peel garlic, this device lets you insert garlic gloves, shake the unit vigorously and out comes skin-free garlic. Already past its pledge goal, there are still some $25 pledges available to get your hands on a Garlic Shaker.

Pledge to get your Garlic Shaker / $25

4. Vortex - Robotic Toy Re-invented

Already past its pledge goal and accepting pre-orders, the Vortex Robot is an interactive and programmable robot aimed at kids. It pairs with your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth and accepts commands. The Vortex can play games such as "robot soccer" and "bumping fight" if you have more than one Vortex robot. You can also program your Vortex Robot using the WhenDo app that features tutorials that will help teach your kids programming basics. The Vortex Robotic Toy retails for $75.00.

Pre-Order your Vortex Robotic Toy / $ 75.00

5. Probot Chiller

This portable drink chiller uses a compact, insulated ice bath combined with convective circulation to chill up to 6 warm beverages in under 5 minutes. The Probot has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using any standard house outlet or 12V DC car outlet. It features two USB ports that allow you to charge your devices, and has interior and exterior LED illumination to help you always find what you're looking for. The Probot is seeking $50,0000 in pledges, and currently a $165 pledge will get you a Probot.

Pledge to get your Probot Chiller / $ 165