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Round 'LG G Watch R' leaked ahead of IFA unveiling

LG G Watch R
By Alex Dobie on 24 Aug 2014 08:21 am

We've heard rumors from the Korean press in the past week that LG may be about to unveil a new wearable at IFA 2014, and now it seems we have conclusive proof. Passed to Engadget by a "trusted source," the official LG teaser below makes it pretty clear that the company will indeed show off a new smartwatch at the Berlin-based trade show in just over a week. The "LG G Watch R," as Engadget calls it, is shown in an unlisted video from LG's global YouTube channel, showcasing (in super-fast, blink-and-you'll-miss-it flashes) a rounded design, a side-mounted button and features like a step counter and compass.

An IFA unveiling would pit the LG G Watch R against the Moto 360, as well as ASUS' new smartwatch — not to mention Apple's rumored iWatch. It also represents an incredibly quick turnaround from the company's first G Watch, launched in early July and powered by Android Wear; right now it's unclear whether this new watch might see the original being positioned as more of a budget offering, or if a replacement is on the cards already.

In any case, we'll be live from Berlin in early September to bring you full coverage of LG's new rounded smartwatch. Thoughts or speculations of your own? Share 'em down in the comments.

LG G Watch R GIF

Source: LG YouTube; via: Engadget

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Round 'LG G Watch R' leaked ahead of IFA unveiling


My guess is this will be chunkier as the hardware is most likely placed behind the screen making the watch case bigger / deeper . I'm still interested tho !

Maybe not, it probably doesn't have wireless charging and so will save space that way. September sure is looking exciting.

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