It's not a phone. It's phone-like.

It has the power of the phone, the elegance of a treasured pocketwatch, and lets you keep one foot grounded in the real world, even while keeping you accessible to the connected world. Runcible is something different.

Something new

A new category of mobile device is emerging, one that keeps you connected, but in a new sense of the word. Sure, any smartphone keeps you connected to your friends, your cloud, your music, books, and information, but how many keep you connected to the moment you're in? Runcible is designed to let you stay present in your day-to-day activities without the distractions that come with typical smartphones. It's a radical idea, but is it what you've been waiting for?



Runcible is a new category of personal electronic with the powers of a smartphone condensed into a palm-sized device bringing elegant simplicity to a connected lifestyle.

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Bringing beauty back

Elegance is evident in every aspect of this product's design from its mesmerizing circular screen to its beautiful backplate, hand-hewn from sustainable California wood. You can do many of the things you can do with your phone (snap photos and shoot video, store and play music, make calls with a Bluetooth headset) but it's palm-sized form feels more special, like an heirloom that's been passed down to you. Runcible uses all open source code which means you can customize it inside AND out to suit your exact needs and it can be repaired and upgraded for years to come, unlike typical smartphones that are upgraded every two years or less.

Runcible brings simplicity to your connected life.