Looking to add some security to your home but don't want to pay monthly fees to a security company? Not interested in $200 Nest Dropcams? Do you have a spare Android device laying around?

SalientEye lets you turn your old smartphone into a motion detecting alarm system.

You can download the SalientEye app on your Android device directly from the Google Play store (iOS version in the works). Once installed, the app allows you to input an email and phone number for push notifications.

Set the device with the camera facing whatever you'd like to monitor. Press the SalientEye trigger button and a timer starts counting down from 30. After the countdown concludes, your system is armed. Any motion sensed by the camera will trigger the alarm and send an email and or SMS notification to you. It will also take still pictures and upload them to the cloud. The device does need a Wi-Fi or data connection to work, and battery life is drained quicker, so they do recommend plugging your device into a power outlet. There is also a separate remote control app that allows you to control this device remotely. If you have more than one extra Android device, the app does allow for multiple device monitoring. That's it. Enjoy.

Download the SalientEye Home Security Alarm app today