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Samsung accounts for 71 percent of the global smartwatch market

Samsung Galaxy Gear
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 19 May 2014 08:16 am

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung controls the global smartwatch segment with a market share of 71 percent. The South Korean manufacturer shipped 500,000 smartwatches during the first three months of 2014, which is half of the 1 million sales it registered in all of 2013. The numbers do not account sales of Samsung's latest batch of smartwatches, which include the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Samsung's lead in this segment is due to the fact that it is one of the few manufacturers besides Sony to offer a smartwatch.

If you're looking to get a smartwatch from an OEM, your options are limited to Samsung's Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Sony's SmartWatch 2. Non-traditional vendors like Pebble have also seen a modicum of success with the Pebble and the Pebble Steel. The smartwatch ecosystem is set for a major change in the coming months, as mainstream manufactures like LG, Motorola, HTC and Asus are set to unveil their smartwatches based on Google's Android Wear ecosystem.

LG's G Watch will debut later this month, and Motorola's Moto 360 is scheduled to launch sometime over the summer, possibly alongside the Moto X+1. Asus will unveil its first wearable, which will be a smartwatch, at Computex next month. There's no word as to when HTC will launch its smartwatch, but the latest rumors indicate a release sometime in the second half of 2014. It should be interesting to see the effect these launches will have on Samsung's market share over the course of the year. Motorola's Moto 360 – with its curved watchface – looks especially promising.

Source: Strategy Analytics, Via: SamMobile

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Samsung accounts for 71 percent of the global smartwatch market


I'm surprised Samsung sold/shipped as many. I would have thought Pebble would have made more of a dent but I did not take economies of scale into account.

The statistics don't really surprise me, but the market has yet to really gain pace. I would like to see how Samsungs locked down smart watches fair once the market actually gains footing and momentum.

I'm really looking forward to how samsung utilizes AndroidWear into their (current and) future smart watches. When Google announced AndroidWear, samsung was listed as a partner. Whether we see any of the current gets run AndroidWear, I don't know, but I imagine they will be releasing a wearable that will be compatible.

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Maybe it's just me, but this seems obvious. How many people even know what Pebble is or have heard of them? Samsung has spent a good deal of money and advertised their watches on tv and given deals on them with Samsung phones. With the available options being so small and the big name making a push for their product it's inevitable that they would have the largest sales in this area.

I would wager that of the people who are interested in buying smart watches the majority know about Pebble. Samsung have greater overall awareness for obvious reasons but it is futile if the general public neither care about nor want a smart watch (notably at that price range).

I like the idea of smart watches but I think the technology is just not there yet in these devices to warrant getting one. I will wait to see the next versions of these devices before I make a decision.

I am also surprised at this. Since these watches are only comparable with Samsung phones, And on the high end price tag wise, this shocks me. I would have thought pebble would have a minority or at least close to it due to its low price and early release.

I am probably the minority here but I'm waiting for a smartwatch more like the Kairos. The Samsung, Pebble, etc. seem more of a weekend watch to me, I really want one that I can where to the office. That being said I also want to wait for the next generation of watches to hit.

Not really surprised at this, samsung have huge global impact, I would still prefer a pebble over any of there watches tho.

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I would have thought Pebble but I suppose I'm not too surprised since Samsung hold the most market share on the phone front as well. Also weren't they bundling these at a discounted price when you bought a Note 3 or something?

Of course they have that amount of market share... They have spent billions on advertising for it... They are the biggest players in that market. It's like comparing the tablet market when the first iPad was launched... 99% of the market belonged to Apple in that time...

This is not surprising at all, given the very young market which is wearable tech. They're all still too ugly for me to wear.

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