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Samsung announces SDK for Tizen-powered TVs, due in July

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By Derek Kessler on 1 Jun 2014 10:43 am

Samsung today announced that that they will be releasing an SDK to enable developers to build apps to run on Tizen-powered televisions, The SDK is due out in early July, following next week's Tizen Developer Conference. While Samsung hasn't yet announced any TVs that will run the Tizen operating system that also powers their Gear series of smartwatches and fitness trackers, that they're releasing an SDK makes this all but a foregone conclusion that the will. That, and the fact that they've been saying from the start that Tizen was designed for multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, automobiles, and televisions.

The Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK Beta supports the HTML5 standard through its framework called Caph and enables developers to write apps that run on a Tizen OS –based TVs.

The SDK will let developers do typical SDK things, including building their apps with a virtual TV emulator and remotely debugging their work. The "Smart Interaction" feature will allow developers to leverage hand gestures and voice commands of users, and Tizen TV apps will be able to support interaction with a user's mobile devices (presumably only Samsung devices, like the Gear wearables).

Samsung's not the only one pushing a next-generation TV operating system. LG's webOS-powered TVs have pushed forward the interaction and interface game for television, so it should be interesting to see what Samsung has in store for Tizen TV and app developers. Other details on Samsung's Tizen TV development efforts aren't yet available, but we're still curious about what smart apps you'd like to see come from a Samsung TV.

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Samsung announces SDK for Tizen-powered TVs, due in July


You know, I have a smart TV, and I have never used the actual "smart" functions built in. A chrome cast + roku is a much more efficient combo, IMO.

I'll stick with the stupid TVs and get a smart device to attach to it. I really hope Google gets Android TV right.

Based on Tizen that is now running on my original Galaxy Gear, I'm intrigued to hear more details. When it comes down to it, I don't really care what OS is running in the background, as long as it functions well and works as intended, bring it on.

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Taking into account the previous poll on smart TV's and usage. Samsung (Listening to customers) plainly isn't or they would be focusing on there blue ray players maybe even a Tizen based games console, to "try" and compete with the multitude of Android boxes and sticks. Not pushing there 0S on devices the majority of people don't care about or use.