Samsung announces colorful new accessories to personalize your Gear S

Gear S
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 6 Nov 2014 04:57 am

After announcing that the Gear S would be available in the UK from later this week, Samsung is showcasing the accessories that it will carry for the device. The vendor is offering two versions: a wrist strap available in five color variants, as well as a bangle accessory sold in black and white.

The wrist strap will be available in Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, White, Mocha Grey and also Supreme Red. The accessory allows you to easily interchange colors by simply popping the central housing out and placing it in another band. The bangle accessory is wider and features a thicker band than the watch strap. If you're looking for something more exclusive, Samsung also has Swarovski and Diesel editions.

Pricing and availability have not been revealed at this stage, although Samsung will likely announce both once the SIM-enabled smartwatch goes on sale in various territories later this month.

Source: Samsung; Via: SamMobile

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Samsung announces colorful new accessories to personalize your Gear S

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I would definitely buy one if someone comes out with a fully functional port to Android for the Gear S. It seems like really great hardware, but too limited with Tizen. I appreciate the high resolution display and cellular radio. Besides Android, all I can ask for is a Mirasol type display for always on outdoor visibility.