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Samsung Galaxy Gear gets price cut in India, global cut to follow

By Jared DiPane on 5 Feb 2014 12:03 pm

One of the biggest pain points for the Samsung Galaxy Gear -- aside from limited compatibility -- would be that Samsung has priced the device a bit higher than many were willing to pay for it. When it launched with a $300 price point, most people were not rushing out to buy it. While there were still some sales of the device it was not nearly as many as they may have had at a more affordable, easier to swallow price tag. It seems as though Samsung has realized this and a price cut is finally on the way.

Starting in India, Samsung has slashed the price of the Galaxy Gear and an international price cut is said to be following. In many regions outside of the US the Galaxy Gear was priced even higher than $300, and in India they have cut the price of the Gear by $125 which brings it down to RS15,290 (or around $245).

This would lead us to believe that Samsung is going to be rolling out a price cut in the US of around $50 and this could be due to the rumors of an upcoming second generation Galaxy Gear release. Samsung has some big announcements planned for the end of the month at MWC so be sure to stay tuned for information on a price cut in additional regions.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear gets price cut in India, global cut to follow


$50 is not a big enough price cut.
Why does Samsung choose to make it easier for us to use another companies smartwatch device over their own?

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

For a 50 dollar price cut might as well wait for the new edition probably will be 299

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Am I right in thinking it only works with certain Samsung devices?
If they open it up to non-Samsung phones and a 50% cut. Then I'll think about it!!!

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

It has already been cut by $50.00 and now is only $249. Go to BestBuy and look for yourselves. Also, I think it's good they only have it for their samsung devices. I think it makes it more appealing to samsung customers. Just like most stuff for the iphone if made for the iphone. I do however agree that $300.00 was too expensive to begin with, but I will say out of pretty much every "smart watch", it's one of the most expensive looking. I think for the new watch they should roll it out to only Samung devices, and then roll it out to only android. I Guarantee the "iWatch" will only be for iphones (at least at first). Just my opinions.

$249 will put it directly up against the Pebble Steel. This makes perfect sense for Samsung. If it wasn't for that darned camera I would be considering one after the price cut.

It launch was overpriced so it would be welcomed however for success it needs to be for all Android devices - perhaps multi platform (Tizen, Touchwiz, Android and Windows Phone)