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Samsung Gear 2 Solo stops by Indian export database Zauba

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 7 May 2014 07:02 am

Samsung may be looking to launch its cellular-connected smartwatch in the near future, as a device by the name of Gear 2 Solo was spotted entering Indian shores for testing. Indian import export database Zauba listing confirms that the device bears a model number SM-R710.

Gear 2 Solo Zauba listing

The Gear 2 Solo will be a Gear 2 variant with a USIM module and will feature radios that allow users to make and receive calls. It is unclear as to what the smartwatch will be called, as Zauba lists the device as Gear 2 Solo, while Samsung has filed a trademark for the "Samsung Gear Solo" name in the U.S. and South Korea.

The arrival of the device in India for testing means that an official launch is not too far away. There is no mention as to what kind of specs this device will feature, but it is possible that it will include a larger battery than the one used in the Gear 2 to accommodate the increased power drain associated with an embedded radio.

Source: Zauba, Via: BGR

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Samsung Gear 2 Solo stops by Indian export database Zauba


This is Samsung's first step to entice customers to there Tizen OS.
Not a new idea but I can see plenty of Dick Tracy wannabes falling over themselves to pre order this for novelty's sake.

Gear 2 solo at last! the sim only device makes the smartwatch much more useful and being able to use it as an independent device increases its efficiency by a large margin as compared to other smartwatches. this is the future of smartwatches !