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Samsung Gear Fit updated with portrait orientation mode

Samsung Gear Fit
By Alex Dobie on 8 Apr 2014 08:11 am

The Samsung Gear Fit is easily the most eye-catching of Samsung's latest batch of wearables, but the version we saw back at Mobile World Congress came with one big usability gripe — a landscape display on what's supposed to be a wrist-readable device. Fortunately, though the magic of a software update with a new portrait mode, Samsung now seems to have fixed this issue.

Images posted on Samsung's own Korean store blog show the Gear Fit displaying its UI in the traditional landscape layout, as well as the new, narrower portrait setup. The new orientation should make it easier to view basic information like the time on the watch's uniquely-shaped display, though as The Verge points out, longer text readouts may remain problematic.

We'll have to wait and see how things pan out when we get our hands on final production Gear Fit hardware later this week.

Source: Samsung store blog, The Verge

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Samsung Gear Fit updated with portrait orientation mode


Thank Christ for that... I'm supposed to start selling it on Friday... I couldn't sell it without a portrait mode...

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Tell them to wear it on their inner wrist, in landscape. It's the logical way to wear this.

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Now all it needs is an update to allow to use that new software technology, that allows you to speed read a message, one flashing word at a time.

That would be perfect for this type of narrow screen dimension.

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I'm always amazed by this statement. Why would Samsung make the watch work with other brands? The watch is used to sell Samsung Phones and promote their ecosystem. Apple doesn't support other vendors why should Samsung. If you want a watch for your HTC wait for the Google watch or wait for HTC! But your not coming to the party with HTC.

I'm always amazed by this reply. I've had an iPhone, iPad, iPod...all three of those worked just fine with my Windows PC. I agree you should get maybe additional functionality or better apps, etc. if you're on a Samsung phone, but I think it is a terrible idea to completely neglect everyone else. This would convert more users over to Samsung I believe. There's no way I'm going to buy a new phone just so I can try a new device. But let me buy and fall in love with the Gear Fit then maybe you could convert me over.

That's exactly what Apple has done. They released the iDevices that worked either independently from your computer or would work with a Windows PC. Sure, the iTunes software for Apple is better, it should be. But it still worked fine with my PC.

Two thoughts. First, Samsung envisions themselves as a hardware company, and a closed strategy aligns with that (I've posted something similar before). Until they start to shift their vision toward services and software, they are all about selling more hardware. As the Gear is a companion device, that means selling more phones.

So for the time being, I think they will be concentrating on their devices working seamlessly together. And that presents plenty of challenges; maybe they just aren't ready to try to work through all the potential iterations to support other manufacturers as well. Once they do that, their support costs are going to jump as the finger pointing begins as to who should support an issue - Samsung (they make the G2) or the company that makes the phone with which the G2 is being used.

Finally, regarding the Apple / iPod argument - sure, not that seems like the way it's always been, but in truth it was around two years before Apple published a Windows version of iTunes. Their initial vision (according to several sources) was the iPod would pull through Mac sales, so why support their most significant competition (i.e., Microsoft)?

Samsung, this is what happens when you stray from the formula. Remember, you're supposed to let Apple design whatever it is first, THEN you can take their thingy and have a stab at it, m'kay?

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Looking forward to seeing mine in portrait mode. Mine arrived ap week ahead of launch. Sat here with it but cannot use it because Gear Fit Manager App not up and running so will not launch.

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Regardless of the recent teardown post of the Samsung Gear 2, Samsung emailed me and said that after the warranty expires and the battery no longer holds a charge on any of the new Samsung Gear wearables is design to be trashed? Because battery will not be sold for you to change the battery yourself or sending it out for battery replacement. Samsung said after battery is dead any and every Samsung Gear would have to be trashed after battery no long hold a charge.