Samsung Gear Fit wins Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress

Gear Fit
By Richard Devine on 28 Feb 2014 05:00 am

An indicator of the rise of the wearable, perhaps, Samsung has claimed the Best Mobile Device award from Mobile World Congress. No small achievement from a show that saw a number of big ticket mobile releases, including Samsung's own Galaxy S5.

The Gear Fit is part smartwatch, part fitness band, taking some of the best of the Gear 2 smartwatch and slipping it beneath a curved, Super AMOLED display. Samsung has made a big play for the fitness market at MWC, and the Gear Fit is both an interesting and exciting device we're looking forward to getting our hands on in April.

For now, be sure to head on over to Android Central for an initial hands on from the show floor. Anyone looking at picking one of these up?

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Samsung Gear Fit wins Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress


Do I ever! In fact, I'm interested in one of these more than Gear 2 (as I won't need that much feature from a wearable). And it'll probably arrive sooner than the Pebble Steel I order...

I would definitely buy one for exercising, but wouldn't wear it during the day. It's a hypothetical question anyway, since I won't swap my Nexus 5 for anything else than another nexus device.

I think sammys got,it right this time.So glad I returned the galaxy gear1.Now it's time to give best buy some of my money. Can't wait to get the Gear fit.

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